Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Script outline for Shielding for Empaths.

1. Introduction
                A. Why Shield, Meditate or use Protection magic?

2. Preparation
                A. Be comfortable, alone, undisturbed for 45 minutes
                B. Be in clean clothes, bathed.
                C. Use planetary incense or calming incense
                D. Optional cast circle
                E. Optional call quarters

3. Brief Introduction to the Greek Energy System
                A.                     i.      English: Sacrum
                                    Greek: Heiron Osteon
Equivalent Chakra: Muladhara
Root, base of concentration and energy. Animal, primal nature.
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth
Physical – base outer self

                                                             ii.      English: Gonads
Greek: Gonades
Equivalent Chakra: Svadhisthana
Source of life energy, life essence sexual potency.
Planet: The Moon
Element: Earth-Fire
Etheric body – Outer self, base emotions.

                                                            iii.      English: Belly
Greek: Gaster
Equivalent Chakra: Manipura
Appetite and desire. Lower part of the mortal soul.
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Lower astral body – Instincts.

                                                           iv.      English: Heart/Lungs
Greek: Phrenes
Equivalent Chakra: Anahata
Conscious spirit, the vehicle of thought and feeling, emotion, courage, anger and love.
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Upper astral body – emotions.

                                                             v.      English: Neck
Greek: Trachelos
Equivalent Chakra: Visuddha
Voice, speech, communication. Separation from lower or inferior mortal soul.
Planet: Saturn
Element: Water - Air
Lower mental body – Ego self.

                                                           vi.      English: Brain
Greek: Enkephalos
Equivalent Chakra: Ajna
Vital spirit, life principal, consciousness, rational thought, intellect.
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Upper Mental body – Inner self

                                                          vii.      English: Crown
Greek: Koruphe
Equivalent Chakra: Sahasrara
Celestial power, third-eye, highest human function.
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air-Spirit
Lower spiritual self – Inner self

                                                        viii.      English: n/a
Greek: Genios
Equivalent Chakra: n/a
Latent energy, concentrating and pooling around hands, thighs and knees. Spirit energy.
Planet: n/a
Element: Spirit
                B. Similarities to Chakras
                C. Differences

4. Energy Work
                A. Quick breaths open Chakras
                B. Collect energy, use energy
                C. Ground excess

5. Meditation
                A. Simple form of meditation

6. Shielding
                A. Short breaths open Chakras
                B. Create protection around self
                C. Become aware of surroundings
                D. Clean the energy field around you
                E. Ground excess energy

7. Protection
                A. Draw dark energy below
                B. Draw light energy above
                C. Combine energies in center
                D. Close energies (blw/abv)
                E. Stand open chakras
                F. Send energy down into aura, clean
                G. Form of LBRP
                H. Close ritual

8. Close
                A. Not only system
                B. Why do it
                                1. Raise awareness
                                2. Boost confidence
                                3. Be consistent
                C. Any questions, contact

                D. Thank you

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I had a bit of a struggle trying to put this into my own words without causing confusion on my part and without being to wordy to explain a rather simple explanation of why the Elemental symbols from Alchemy look the way they do.

I thought it best to quote the source directly, as it takes having a little background on the elements and their ‘powers’ as expressed by the early Western Occultists. It seems counter intuitive after reading that Air should be associated with Moisture rather than Water, instead Water is associated with Cold. The indented texts below are excerpts from Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s The Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Essences, or elements, are the third thing needed for a world of generation. These are; Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Attributed to them are the powers, respectively, hot, moist, cold and dry. Ocellus says: “But essences differ from powers; for essences are locally corrupted by each other, but powers are neither corrupted nor generated, for the reason of them are incorporeal.”

Pg. 720 The Three Books of Occult Philosophy,
Edited and Annotated by Donald Tyson

Simply written we can pair the elements up with their associated ‘power’ as thus:

Essence (Element)

Two of these powers, hot and cold, are active and, as Ocellus says “subsist as causes and things of an effective nature...” (On The Universe [Taylor,12]), whereas the other two, dry and moist are passive. As Aristotle puts it: “On the other hand hot and cold, and dry and moist, are terms, of which the first pair implies power to act and the second pair susceptibility” (Generation and Corruption 2.2).

Pg. 720 The Three Books of Occult Philosophy,
Edited and Annotated by Donald Tyson

Simply written we can read the associated powers with their effective nature:

Hot & Cold
Dry & Moist

Ocellus goes on to speak of the ‘peculiarity’ of each element, saying: “heat is the peculiarity of fire, dryness of earth, moisture of air, and frigidity of water” (ibid., 15). Aristotle makes the same point: “Nevertheless, since they are four, each of them [each element] is characterized par excellence by a single quality: Earth by dry rather than by cold, Water by cold rather than by moist, Air by moist rather than by hot and Fire by hot rather than by dry” (Generation and Corruption 2.3)

Pg. 720 The Three Books of Occult Philosophy,
Edited and Annotated by Donald Tyson

Here both Ocellus and Aristotle specifically associate each element with its respective power; Hot with Fire, Dry with Earth, Moist with Air and Cold with Water






Fire and Air expand and rise shown point upwards and Water and Earth contract and descend and are shown point downwards.

Rises & Expands
Rises & Expands
Rise & Expand
                              Contract & Descend

Contracts & Descends
Contacts & Descends

In conclusion Air and Fire triangles point upwards to express that both rise and expand, Water and Earth triangles point downwards to express that they descend and contract. Respectively, of the two pairs; Air and Earth are passive and are shown with a bar through the middle; Fire and Water are active shown ‘unobstructed’ with no bar.